About Us

About Us

We are Event Organizers Ourselves!

Specialists in Sports Programs

Ready Set Register is only the beginning of our services – although it is perhaps our best-known tool. We are growing fast because we also provide software to help our clients run their events. We provide tools to help communicate with event participants and/or their parents. And, not only do we handle payment for programs, we offer a sophisticated accounting system that lets our clients see their progress and analyze results.

Our software and services are the most complete in the industry because they are an outgrowth of the system we've used for many years to build one of the largest college baseball prospect camp companies in America handling thousands of campers each year. We are the coaches, event organizers, software developers and marketers of a successful, ongoing event producer – offering the same tools to others who want to focus on teaching youngsters instead of handling paper forms and running to the bank with checks.

Count on us. Tell us what you need. If we don't already do it, chances are we can get it done. We want your business, but we just also want the chance to your earn your trust.

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  • Dave Callum
  • Sales, Accounting
    Referee, Baseball Coach
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  • Jon Rocheleau
  • Chief Software Developer
    Fisherman, Farmer